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Optimize Cost & Performance for Fulfilment with a mix of Track & Trace technologies.


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An inexpensive and standard way to track & trace all types of consignments using BitPost Blockchain QR codes. Appropriate for low-cost packets.


Scan by mobile app for quickest servicing across airline, ground and port handling with BitPost blockchain for fastest and scalable updates to valuechain.



Track real-time location of consignments across geographies through lowcost spectrum on BitPost cloud for valuechain servicing and absolute fulfilment.


Track real-time location of consignments across geographies through BitPost blockchain cloud for valuechain servicing and absolute fulfilment.


High accuracy tracker for real-time location of consignments across globe through BitPost blockchain cloud for valuechain servicing and absolute fulfilment.

Services/Case Studies

Blockchain Cloud Designed for Logistics Industry.

CRM Integrated Track & Trace

Seamless Experience

Maritime & AirCargo

Compliance & Security

E2E Supply Chain

Origin, Transit & Consumption

Reverse Logistics

Build fast & easy

IOT is Building Trust

Transparency & Accountability

Efficiency is Experience

Improving The Ways & Means


Multinode BitPost Blockchain cloud powered by Mobile, API, & IOT.


BitPost mobile app provides turnkey booking, service, fullfilment and tracking features.


Our API & Hooks service integrates your CRM for instant track & trace integration.

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BitPost(now TIM) blockchain is custom built for logistics needs. It can host multitude of applications.


Serving An Industry of Excellence

BitPost is helping organisation in following sectors and industries to create efficiency and collaboration while respective organisations are focusing on their key competencies of network, reach and markets.

Adapting to the needs of new Challenges and Opportunities.

  • Postal Organisation

    Postal Organisations are vital to building geo-political landscape of material routes and the physical network along with the infrastructure.

  • Ship & Airline

    Adding motion to the picture.

    Shipping and Airline industry are vital to postal and logistics industry for macro fulfillment services.

  • Frieght & Forwarders

    Before the last mile.

    Frieght and Forwarder organisations provide key buffer support to complete postal and logistics value chain.

  • Warehouse

    Warehouse companies are essential to build trust at scale. They are no longer just for storage. Demand for specialized warehouse services will climb for the foreseeable future as manufacturers intensify their focus on core competencies.

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